Vibration Test, Broadband Noise

With the vibration test, broadband noise, the test specimen is tested for resistance to dynamic loads as a result of out-of-body vibrations. The simulated vibration stress serves to ensure the resistance of the components in the life phases of transport and operation to failure patterns such as component detachment and material fatigue. Here, the test specimen is screwed onto a shaker, which generates the vibration profile in the respective specified spatial axis and transfers it to the test specimen. In special applications, a temperature profile is superimposed on the vibration test. The severity of the vibration test depends on the specific requirements of the product and is therefore very broadband. Basic test standards are DIN EN 60068-2-64 and ISO 16750-3. In the automotive standards LV124, VW 80000, GS 95024-3-1 and MBN 10306 this test is known as M-04.