Shock and vibration testing

Mechanical testing

We are equipped to offer combined temperature and shock/vibration testing.​


Our testing services:

We offer shock and vibration testing also with superimposed temperature profiles for the automotive, health technology and industry sectors.​

We simulate the external mechanical impact on your product during its life cycle or during handling and transport. ​​

Our vibration equipment can be operated seperately or with superimposed temperature profiles. We use state-of-the-art control technology and we provide you with the multi-channel control and response signals directly.​

If required, we will provide the control and measuring equipment which is required for the operation of the device under test. We are equipped with controlled lab power supplies as well as high current and high voltage power supplies.​

We use DAQs (Data Acquisition) with up to 60 channels for a comprehensive monitoring.​

Combined with temperature​
Multi-channel control

We have various clamping assemblies and adapters available. Our vibration & shock system is most suitable for smaller and medium-sized test objects. ​
Max. table dimensions: 850x850 mm² ​
Max. cube dimensions: 330x330x330 mm³​

We design and manufacture your specific test set-up in-house!

We consult and support you with challenging vibration tests prior to and during the test and also with the analysis of the test results.​

If any issues will pop up during the test, we can manage and resolve them promptly in our mechanical and electrical workshop.​