Test Equipment Design and Manufacturing

Design and manufacturing​

Our lab has a in-house design and manufacturing for test set-up assemblies. Our one-stop shop solutions save time and cost.​


Our services​

We offer design and manufacturing of test equipment, and have full CAD/CAM environment. Manufacturing connected to the test lab allows fast and efficient manufacturing of test fixtures for your validation project.

In-house design and manufacturing of the test fixtures, e.g. for readjustment of the mounting position, is a time and cost advantage for your validation project.

We take care of a detailed coordination to map the interfaces optimally and cost-efficiently.

Customer data​

If you require a quick adaption of your electronic devices, a change of components or an integration of a voltage tap: we are equipped with a professional soldering workstation.​

We can solder conventionally under a stereo microscope ​or we can dispense and reflow-solder SMD assemblies.​ Standard components, connectors and cables with various diameters are available.​

Part swap
DUT customized