Environmental testing​

We manage your validation project and testing sequences from beginning to end and ensure a smooth process!​


As a testing service provider for product development projects we offer flexible and development-pcocess focussed validations of mechanical and electrical assemblies.​

We provide a wid range of services for environmental testing for product development projects. Our laboratory is equipped with high voltage and high current PSUs, suitable for specific validation requirements of EV components.​

We manage your validation project holistically.​

We plan and coordinate the testing procedures, we manage the interfaces and we also design and manufacture the test set-up adapters. ​

If required, we will provide control and metrology equipment even for high current and high voltage.​

Cost transparency
Process oriented
Risk management

We are your partner during your product development and validation with a strong focus on delivery on schedule and transparent costs. Your processes are our guideline and we deliver our services just in time. ​

One contact person
Structured processes
Complete documen­tation