HALT/HASS testing​

Highly Accelerated Life Test

We have extended our established life cycle tests with the HALT/HASS process. We can detect potential weak spots of a product already at an early stage of the product development.​


Our testing services:

Additionally to the traditional product validations, we offer a really R&D-process-focussed product testing & validation with our HALT/HASS-facilities. ​

HALT – Highly Accelerated Lifetime Testing​
HASS – Highly Accelerated Stress Screening​

(Potential) trouble spots have to be detected and eliminated already during the development process. The HALT-process offers the opportunity to detect these trouble spots of components or assemblies/modules already at an early stage of the developüment process and at the same time saves time and cost for the development of a product. ​

Thermal shock

Temperature change

With our MPI 5000A we test your product for resistance to rapid temperature changes.

Our temperature test range is between -70 ° C and 220 ° C.

Fast temperature change rates allow very short test times. In classic applications, we achieve 1,000 temperature cycles within 48 hours.


Mechanical stress

With our All-Axis-Benchtop-Vibration-Table TCB-1.3 we test your product for resistance to mechanical stress.

Here we load your test object with 1 to 60 grms in a frequency band of 3 Hz to 10,000 Hz.​

Mechanical errors can generally be discovered within a test period of 12 hours.


Destruction limits

We superimpose the mechanical load with temperature changes in order to test your product beyond the limit of destruction.

The combined tests cause the maximum possible load and reliably show the product limits.

In our experience, the product limits can be uncovered within 48 hours.

During the HALT process, the test objects will be exposed to an extreme mechanical and /or thermal stress, until failure or destruction.​

Potential failures will be detected to the technological limits of the product, usually within hours or a few days. This offers a significant advantage in the development schedule compared to a conventional life cycle test, during which these failures will not necessarily be identified.​

The HALT/HASS process becomes much more important/popular in th eautomotive sector.​

We are looking forward to elaborate your application-specific testing procedure!​


If required, we will provide the control and metrology equipment which is required for the operation of the device under test. We are equipped with controlled lab PSUs, high current and high voltage PSUs.​

We use DAQs (Data Acquisition) with up to 60 channels for a comprehensive monitoring.​

We design and manufacture your specific test set-up in-house!