About us

About us

In 2018, enveon GmbH was founded in Munich as a merger of two engineering companies, now focussing on environmental simulations in particular for the automotive and electric vehicle sector. With extensive investments in 2019 in laboratory equipment for environmental simulation and testing we can provide a broad portfolio of services to the automotive, industry and medical technology sectors.​

In 2021 we have commissioned our HALT testing facilities to complement the traditional validation services with an innovative process for faster validations parallel to your product development processes. In Q2 2021 we have also accomplished another major milestone with the officia ISO 17025 DAkkS Certification​

Our environmental validation and testing laboratory integrates also our in-house design and manufacturing departments for test set-up assemblies and on-the-test services.​

Our philosophy is to be your one-stop-shop for holistic validation and test set-up assembly solutions.​


  1. 2018 Founding year
  2. 2019 Lab extensions
  3. 2020 New climate chambers
  4. 2021 ISO 17025 Accreditation
  5. 2022 New 30kN shaker in action
Michael Klasen | Konstruktion / Entwicklung enveon Environmental Testing
Philipp Terhost | Laborleitung enveon Environmental Testing

Engineer meets physocist: Being sandbox friends since childhood days, their ways have crossed multiple times during their professional careers. Drilled as industrial mechanics in the first place, they have specialized in different professional careers and studies. The fields of engineering, design and manufacturing complement the field of Physics. Together they form the face of enveon and with their team, they develop the enveon GmbH.​


We are here:

Enveon is centrally located at the Munich Westpark, at the end of the A96 highway. We are your local partner in the greater Munich area and also for all of Europe.


The enveon GmbH is ISO 17025 certified for environmental simulations and approved for flexible accrediting. ​

Additionally, enveon GmbH is §7 SprengG (Nr. 35/56/20) approved to handle pyrotechnical objects of category P2 and non-conform pyrotechnical objects which are used as pyrotechnical safety devices for vehicles.​

The employees of the enveon GmbH are qualified electricians for HV systems in motor vehicles for manufacturers and suppliers according to DGUV Information 200-005 (Stufe 2b).​

Sustainability & Philosophy​

We are fully aware of the importance of the challenges of the climate change. This is one of the reasons why we are consciously focussing on electromobility and we actively support the change of public consciousness about CO2 emissions.​

We use green eelctricity since day 1 to support the energy transformation in Europe. ​

We believe that the planetary limits on our Earth require ressource-conserving acting in all aspects of life. This is why we are not focussed on continuous growth, but on sustainably meeting emerging needs of our industries and serving a common purpose.​

We enable and challenge our employees. They are not subordinates, but humans. We require not only their contribution to company goals, but also a mindset that contributes to social change. ​

We are funding our comapny sustainable by working closely with the sustainable and cooperatively organized GLS bank.​

Mobility and energy transition​
Staff development
Sustainable money management​​​

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