Are you a tech nerd?
Do you always think one step ahead?
Do you think "quality is really cool"?

Welcome to our team

6 good reasons why you should start at enveon

Focus on customer benefits:

You will work closely and directly with our customers. You will be actively involved in designing effective, customer-oriented solutions.

Team-oriented culture:

We firmly believe in teamwork and the value that each employee contributes to the realization of our common goals.

Innovative environment:

Work in a state-of-the-art technical environment where innovation and creativity are encouraged.

Professional and personal development:

We invest in your development through continuous training and offer regular feedback meetings.

Attractive remuneration and additional benefits:

Competitive salaries? Profit sharing? Additional benefits such as e-bike leasing and pool vehicles?
All standard with us.

Flexible working hours:

Balance work and private life. We offer flexible working time models.
Organize your time yourself.

You can find more information and examples in our application.

The application process at enveon

With us, the application process is upside down. We apply to you. We
fight for you. So that you choose us.

We will apply to you!

Your personal introductory meeting

Trial work

Welcome to our team

This is what you need to bring with you to fit into our team.

Team orientation

Ability to work effectively in a team and to contribute constructively to group processes.

Problem-solving mindset:

Creativity and ability to develop innovative solutions to technical and organizational challenges.


The ability to work independently and manage tasks autonomously.


Flexibility to adapt quickly to changing conditions and requirements.

Facts about enveon

enveon - You can be a technology nerd here.

Being a real “tech nerd” is not only allowed, it’s encouraged. enveon stands for freedom, authenticity and technical excellence.

Our vision

a technically safe world – 100 %

Our mission

Delivering the highest test quality regardless of our accreditation. At enveon, quality is not just a promise – it is our DNA.

Our application to fill the position...

Everything at a glance

12 good reasons for a career at enveon GmbH

Room for maneuver

Free organization of
working hours

Personal responsibility

Responsibility for own projects

A say in salary

Opportunity to co-decide
salary structures

Strategic integration

Collaboration in the development of the company

Profit sharing

1/3 profit sharing among all employees

E-bike leasing

Possibility to use a leased

Pool vehicle

Provision of a pool vehicle

Modern technology

State-of-the-art machinery

Education budget

Fixed budget for further education


Company pension scheme and private health insurance


Fitness studio in the building complex can be used at any time

Team communication

Weekly "Deep Talks" with
the team

enveon in the words of our team


Your questions, our answers

What is the reverse application process?

The reverese application process inverts the traditional application process. Here, we actively present ourselves as the company to potential candidates in order to arouse their interest. This allows applicants to find out directly what they can expect from the company and what benefits it offers.

In the traditional process, the applicant sends their documents and waits for a response. In the reverse application process, the company takes the initiative and proactively presents itself and its offers. This enables a more transparent and interactive first experience for the candidate.

Applicants get a deeper insight into the company and its culture before they decide to apply. This helps them to make a more informed decision and only apply to companies that match their expectations and needs.

Interested parties can register via our website to receive the application. There they can find out more about our company, our values and vacancies.

We no longer have a traditional application process. We have a process where we first apply to interested parties. If an applicant chooses us, there is a 15-minute call where both sides can check whether the overall chemistry is right. After this call, both sides decide whether there will be further calls.

After participating, you have the option of deciding directly on a call with us. The first call is for both sides to check whether the overall chemistry is right. This will be followed by another appointment where we will talk more about the position and your qualifications. This will be followed by a week of trial work. After the trial period, both parties will decide whether to hire you. Our HR team is ready to answer your questions and guide you through the rest of the application process.

The basic selection criteria remain the same. However, the reverse application offers the advantage that both sides can better assess at an early stage whether they are a good match.

It is helpful to find out about our company in advance and to think about your professional goals and questions for us. That way you can get the most out of the event.

We attach great importance to an authentic and transparent presentation of our company. Our aim is to offer a realistic insight into our working world and to answer all your questions honestly and comprehensively.

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