Force-Travel Testing

Force-displacement tests

Our lab is equipped with a force-displacement test rig with up to 1.000 N.​


Our environmental testing and validation services:

With our force-travel test bench, we can offer various tests for microelectronics and connectors. We focus on pull-out tests, identification of insertion forces, shear tests on solder joints and the validation of crimp connections with up to 1.000 N.​

Our universal test stand is also suited for the measurement of contact compression forces and the bending of PCBs, beyond the validations of tools for serial production. ​

We can quickly apply your specific test routines and perform them automated. ​

Solder joints

With our universal test rig, we perform traditional mechanical test like tension tests with thermoplastic and elastomer-based test objects as well as bending, tear and compression tests. ​

Dynamic tests provide valuable insights for your specific applications and products. We simulate the dynamic mechanical stress during the life cycle of your product.

compression​ tests
tensile tests
pull shear tests
dynamic tests​

Beyond a wide selection of available clamp assemblies and tools we can design and manufacture specificly for your application.​

We design and manufacture your specific test set-up in-house!