Your accredited Test Laboratory for Environmental Testing

Your partner for environmental simulations and testing​
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We are your accredited test laboratory - specialized in environmental simulation on mechanical as well as electronic components and assemblies.

Overview Enveon Lab​

Our portfolio includes temperature and climatic testing, temperature and thermal shock testing as well as vibration testing, Highly Accelerated Life Tests and Highly Accelerated Stress Screens. ​

Cost transparency
Process oriented
Risk management

We are your partner during your product development and validation with a strong focus on delivery on schedule and transparent costs. Your processes are our guideline and we deliver our services just in time. ​

Our philosophy is a proactive and transparent approach with deviations and risks. To guarantee you a smooth validation process, we openly communicate such matters immediately without delay.​​

We manage your validation project holistically.​
We plan and coordinate the testing procedures, we manage the interfaces and we also design and manufacture the test fixtures. ​
If required, we will provide control and measurement equipment even for high current and high voltage.​

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