Thermal and climatic testing

Climatic testing

We are equipped with climate chambers with up to 1.000 l volume​


Our environmental testing and validation services:

We offer temperature and climate testing for the automotive, health technology and industry sectors.​

We simulate the external climatic impacts on your product during its life cycle.​

Our lab is equipped with five climate and four temperature chambers with up to 1.000 l and also a thermal shock chamber. With a high performance refrigeration system, we can realize temperature drop rates with up to 6,0 K/min.​

If required, we will provide the control and metrology equipment which is required for the operation of the device under test. We are equipped with controlled lab PSUs, high current and high voltage PSUs.​

We use DAQs (Data Acquisition) with up to 60 channels for a comprehensive monitoring.​

All our climate and temperature chambers are equipped with a 3-phase 16A power supply for the operation of the devices under test (DUTs) during the tests.​

This enables us to provide test set-ups with high power input as they are required for electric vehicles.​

up to 180°C
up to -70°C
10 up to 98%
up to 1000 l

For a realistic reproduction of the real assembly, we design and manufacture application-specific test adapters. So we can simulate thermal loads, condensation spots and variations of the installation position during the life cycle.​

We design and manufacture your specific test set-up in-house!